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Zanshin Lair Testimonials

Testimonials from our students.

The instructor from Zanshin Lair provided very practical information that can be easily applied in most situations.
The techniques and principles he went over with us seemed to be extremely effective.

-Sylvia F.
Norristown, PA

I learned more about how to protect myself in three classes at Zanshin Lair than over a year of karate. I highly recommend
training with them.

-Steve T.
Hatfield, PA

I have had the privilege to be trained by Chas Billera. He is extremely knowledgeable and pragmatic in his approach to self-defense. You can feel much safer in your day to day living with the skills he will help you develop.

-Ayisha S.
Newtown Square, PA

Chas Billera has over 15 years of experience in traditional martial arts, but while others are content with their training, Chas cross trained frequently in other arts, he participated in many hands-on seminars and has trained with some of the best in the business. His years of experience taught him that the real fight in the streets happens when we least expect it, we're without our fancy uniforms, and the other guy is unimpressed with our rank, our stance, and our years of dedication. No one fights fair, and the street can be our enemy, so Chas decided to get down to the nitty gritty in self-defense. He has thrown out all the fancy stuff; uniforms, certificates, trophies, and a fancy dojo. This is the real deal in self-defense that everyone needs to stay alive and stay safe.

-John L.
King of Prussia, PA

The instructors from Zanshin Lair had a great attitude and were very helpful. One of the things they helped me realize is how unaware of my surroundings I am on a daily basis. I highly recommend their seminars!

-Sylvia P.
Lower Providence, PA

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