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Zanshin Lair - Essential Protection - Reality Based Self-Defense  
Zanshin Lair Classes   Upcoming Seminars
Private and semi-private classes are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00 - 8:00 and 8:00 - 9:00 in Quakertown, PA.

We also offer Executive Protection Work and Security Consulting Services.

Please contact us for more information.

Modern Combative Systems Non-Ballistic Combative Pistol
Quakertown, PA - Zanshin Lair - 10 JUL 2010

Modern Combative Systems Vehicle Tactics Course
Quakertown, PA - Zanshin Lair - 11 JUL 2010

The Zanshin Lair Classes

It is our goal at Zanshin Lair to teach you first of all how to identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations. If that is not possible you will have the skills to try to verbally diffuse the conflict. If the first two fail you will have the tools you need to protect yourself and/or your family.

You will not be taught a bunch of fancy techniques to memorize. Nor will you need to learn any kata's/forms or wear a special uniform. What you will learn is a highly effective scientifically based method of quickly ending a violent situation.

You will be taught not only how to strike, but where to strike on the human body to be most effective. You will also engage in holistic drills to prepare yourself for what you may encounter in a real self-defense situation. You will train in street clothes and sneakers, a three-piece suit and even heavy winter apparel while outside. This is how you would be dressed if you were attacked, not wearing a uniform and barefoot on a smooth wooden floor. We will train you on different terrain and under various and challenging circumstances.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not bashing Traditional Martial Arts. In fact, I'm grateful that I was given an opportunity to train with such a talented group of individuals for over a decade. If you want to learn an art form, a sport, stay in shape, or any combination of the above, then by all means seek out a good Karate school in your area.

However, if you want to learn to really protect yourself it's just not the way to go. You see in truly violent situation you will experience an adrenaline-dump. At that point all the fancy techniques that require fine motor skills will not help you! You need to rely on techniques based on gross motor skills backed up by solid and proven principles.

When you complete your very first class you will take away valuable skills and continue to build on them from there. We have no contracts and you can pay as you go.

Call or e-mail us to begin training today for a safer tomorrow!

Firearms Training Disclaimer

There are no live fire drills performed at Zanshin Lair, LLC. All firearms courses utilize very realistic airsoft training. These airsoft weapons replicate your current carry firearm for continuity of training. An off site range may be utilized at times in the event of any live fire courses.

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